Membership SOVMC FAQ

If it's not in your Heart then DON'T wear it on your BACK!

Do I have to be a Military Veteran to Prospect for the Sons of Vikings MC USA?

No, you do not have to be a Military Veteran or Security Contractor to Prospect for the SOVMC USA.

Do I have to be a Prospect?

That depends, have you Prospected before, are you out Good, how long do you have with a TRADITIONAL MC? Our Probates do a hang around and do Probate time, there is no clear answer for this. We do not do straight patch over’s unless its transitioning other MC's to the SOVMC. If you are new to MC's yes, you bet your ass you will Prospect. This is a time to show us who you are, do you have it in you? QOQ.

Can Law Enforcement join the Sons of Vikings MC USA?

NO, Military Police Excluded.

Can I join the SOVMC USA from another MC?

Yes, we are open to all members that meet our qualifications and the existing Clan agrees to letting the new member hang around.

Can I join the SOVMC USA if I am out bad from another MC?


Can I join the SOVMC USA with a criminal record?

Depends, for most misdemeanors we have no problems unless they involve sex related crimes. Some Felony Convictions will be considered on a case by case basis but anyone with a Dishonorable Discharge there are NO EXCEPTIONS. We do extended background checks on perspective members.

Do I need a Motorcycle to be a member of the SOVMC USA?

Of course you do Dumbass its a motorcycle club! No Full patch can go more than 3 consecutive months without a scoot before being placed on suspension.

What kind of motorcycles are allowed in the SOVMC USA?

The SOVMC USA accepts American made V-Twins (Harley Davidson, Indian) or Clones (Custom American Brand) and Vintage British Bikes to include Triumphs, Nortons, Vincent, BSA, Royal Endfield.

Is the SOVMC a 1% Motorcycle Club?

No we are not, and do not claim to be, we are a brotherhood of Military Veterans and Government Contractors most with combat experience supporting each other with the love of riding, brotherhood and a Bond only Vets understand. We encorage our Clans to participate in COC's and get to meet folks of all existing clubs in their AO (Area of Operation).

Why does the SOVMC USA wear a USA Bottom Rocker?

Sons of Vikings USA wear a country bottom rocker to identify our origin when travelling outside of the USA. SOVMC USA Patch Members wear a state patch on the front of their vest.

Do you allow women in the Sons of Vikings?

No we do not allow women to be patch holders in the Sons of Vikings MC. Women are encouraged to participate in SOVMC USA Functions.

How can I start a Clan (Chapter) of the Sons of Vikings USA?

To start a chapter of the Sons of Vikings USA you must have 5 members that are either active duty military, veterans or contractors. Your members have to be approved by the SOVMC USA Founding Clan (Chapter). Under special circumstances we do allow "NOMADS" into the SOVMC, this is individual membership that will be establishing a Clan (Chapter).

How do I become a member of SOVMC USA?

The first step is to contact us and arrange a meet and greet to determine if we are what you are looking for and if your what we are looking for.

The second portion is a hang-around phase where we can get to know you, then it moves into a Prospect period where your brotherhood will be tested. This is not an easy process and the times to complete these phases can vary depending on your level of participation.

It takes a 100% Clan (Chapter) member vote to welcome someone as a full patch.

To arrange a meet and greet use our contact page click here: Contact US!